8th to the 10th of JUNE in Kirchheim Teck

Seminar center:Linksambach (www.linksambach.de)

Workshop with Roman Lemberg, the Volkslieder of Johannes Brahms

“Es saß ein schneeweiß Vögelein…”

Three days of fun with vocal technique and performance techniques; we work on a little concert programme that is to be performed on the last evening.

Roman Lemberg will accompany you and work on the performance aspects of the music. He will transform the pieces of the performance puzzle into one picture for the concert with you.

This repertoire belongs to the German Romanticism where people developed a great interest in traditional folk music and poetry.Folk songs were not only collected and edited but also newly composed.The romantic longing for lost happiness, a lost idyll or lost love weave through that melancholy renaissance. Brahms’ folk songs fall into this tradition. The simple, sometimes archaic melodies are paired with an elaborately moving piano accompaniment. some of these songs like the famous “Schwesterlein, Schwesterlein…” have become very popular and can provide new access to German folk song that we are somehow familiar with but which has been neglected because of political or commercial exploitation.

In Brahms cycle of 49 folk songs (WoO 33) we find wonderful songs with very old lyrics. Some are simple and easy to learn, others more challenging and musically elaborate. Some are ballads and can be sung according to the different parts in the ballad others could be sung by a lead singer and choir. Also possible would be songs from the cycles op.14 and op.43. You can find a list of the repertoire further down.

We work on a programme that is not only musically coherent but will be staged in the concert to create a sensual experience for the audience. An important part of the workshop is the work with different performance techniques.

Organisation: maximum 8 participants

costs: acomodation and food all inclusive: 590,00€

More information and booking: www.juliane.brittain@icloud.com or mobile: 0176 31 70 23 84

Johannes Brahmsop . 14 (Lieder und Romanzen)
http://ks.petruccimusiclibrary.org/files/imglnks/usimg/4/46/IMSLP97694-PMLP12898-Brahms_Werke_Band_23_Breitkopf_JB_140_Op_14_filter.pdfNr. 2 Vom verwundeten Knaben / „Es wollt ein Mädchen früh aufstehn…“
Nr. 8 Sehnsucht / „Mein Schatz ist nicht da“op. 43 (Vier Gesänge)
http://ks4.imslp.info/files/imglnks/usimg/e/e8/IMSLP246294-PMLP22019-Brahms_Album_tief_Band_3_Peters_Op_43_No_4_scan.pdfNr. 4 „Es reit der Herr von Falkenstein…“ (Ballade mit verteilten Rollen)Deutsche Volkslieder mit Klavierbegleitung WoO 33
http://ks4.imslp.info/files/imglnks/usimg/a/a2/IMSLP87938-PMLP52992-Brahms_Werke_Band_26_Breitkopf_JB_172_WoO_33_filter.pdf1. Heft / Nr. 6 „Da unten im Tale…“
2. Heft / Nr.12 „Feinsliebchen du sollst mir nicht barfuss gehn…“
3. Heft / Nr.15 „Schwesterlein, Schwesterlein…“ (Ballade mit verteilten Rollen)
5. Heft / Nr. 30 „All mein Gedanken“
6. Heft / Nr. 41 „Es steht ein Lind in jenem Tal“
Nr.42 „In stiller Nacht …“ 


25TH of MAY 2019   10.00 – 14.00


Westquartier Stuttgart (www.westquartier-stuttgart.de)

Suitable for beginners and all people wanting to explore their voice.

We will have fun experiencing with new movement and sounds as well as singing easy to learn songs together.

costs: 150€

for more information and booking contact me on: 0176 31 70 23 84




28th of JULY to the 31rst of JULY

“PERSONARE” –  singing in the dramatic scenery of the Montafon mountains

Hiking and singing in St.Gallenkirch, Montafon, Vorarlberg, Österreich

Experience the sound of your voice in the mountains and in nature and tune yourself in with your surroundings..sky, clouds, water and trees.

Gain a new perspective on things and enjoy unimagined resonance.

Per-sonare: Latin, meaning to resound, reverberate, the unique singing and speaking being you are

Voice training is at the same time personal development and growth, a way to free your own creativity and expression.


Guide: Dr.med. Elisabeth Gaus, general practitioner, healthcare advisor and referent, www.elisabeth-gaus.de

accommodation: Klosterpension Maria – Hilf, St.Gallenkirch (www.mariahilf-montafon.at)

requirements: curiosity and an open heart and mind, a good basic condition for hikes up to four hours with singing breaks

costs for course: 300€ per person

additional costs: accommodation and half board, prices including both

Double: 53,50€; refurbished in wood: 56,50€ for use of a single person only: 68,50€

Single: 58,50€

Costs for short transportation by cable railway, drinks..

Please book until 17th of JULY 2019 via email with Elisabeth:




7th to 8th of SEPTEMBER 2019

DISCOVER YOUR VOICE – an introduction to the Rabine Method

in Kirchheim/Teck

Start: 7th of September, 10.00

End: 8th of September, 17.00

Seminar center: Linksambach (www.linksambach.de)

For all who love singing and want to get closer to their own body and voice. We explore the impact of breath and movement on voice and what an incredible potential of expression lies hidden therein. Additionally you receive short explanations about anatomy and physiology of the human body in relation to our instrument to understand the effects of the exercises and enable you to use them correctly after the course.

We work on and sing easy songs in unison or more parts from different cultural heritages and periods.

Costs including accommodation and food:

320,00 €

For more information and booking contact me on:  0176 31 70 23 84